Greek mobile game by Gortyn Code

An endless running game for true Ninjas!

Heraklion, Crete --12 May 2019-- Cretan single-person game development studio Gortyn Code announced its new endless runner title Ninja Tag Team: Slash n' Dash today. The game is freely available for Google Android mobile devices via Google Play. Ninja Tag Team is meant to test players' reflexes to the extreme, as they are tasked to master the tag team running mechanic to timely swap between the two playable characters, one of whom is exclusively capable of jumping, while the other can only slay hordes of enemies with a powerful whirlwind attack. Together, they will explore 6 unique levels, inspired by Feudal Japan, the age of warriors! The players' goal is to collect as many Gold Coins they can, while covering the greatest distance possible, in order to be able to purchase a variety of power ups and rebuild their Clan's destroyed village. Moreover, they will be able to unlock and take on exciting Boss Battles, which will challenge players' resourcefulness and quick-thinking skills.

A key feature of the game is its fast pace of endless running action, designed to test players' reflexes to the max. The game is characterized by its challenging difficulty setting, as the slightest mistake can lead to instant game over. "The game is challenging" states game creator Konstantinos Apostolakis, founder and sole developer at Gortyn Code, "though not to the extent of feeling cheated, for instance, by 'cheap deaths'. On the contrary, I believe players will be able to recognize where they went wrong - perhaps an untimely switch or jump. A huge part of what makes the game satisfying to play is the feeling of accomplishment you get when you actually start becoming good at it, when you really start clearing out hordes of enemies while jumping over gaps in a fashion that seemed absolutely impossible 5 or 10 playthroughs back". The game's stylized environments and beautifully rendered graphics contribute a significant amount in motivating players to continue playing, while the rocking soundtrack gets players' blood pumping in just the right amount, closely following the fast paced action. Finally, the simplistic and responsive control makes the game easy to pick up and play. Adding to these factors are the game's 39 achievements and 7 leaderboards, contributing to its longevity.

Each level is entirely procedurally generated, so that two playthroughs will be unlikely to ever be the same, as gaps, enemies and Gold Coins are scattered randomly every time a new game is started. Beyond the core endless running gameplay, Ninja Tag Team offers players the chance to rebuild the ravaged Kyokusei Clan village, using the coins they've collected during playthroughs. The village, which was destroyed by the rival Tokui-ten and their mischievous Generals, whom players will have to take on mano-a-mano in exhilarating Boss Battles (definitely a highlight of the game), comes in to play by enabling players to start "producing" power ups, increasing their production rates with each new building built. Power ups, which range from eradicating all enemies on screen to magically bridging gaps and gaining 10-second invincibility, are designed to aid players get one step closer to the Boss Battle of each level. Of course, players do get the option of exchanging Gold Coins for Power Ups at the Village Merchant, or acquire Gold and Power Ups by completing quests given to them by randomly spawning villagers.

So prepare yourself for a challenge, and uncover your inner ninja! Download Ninja Tag Team: Slash n' Dash from the Play Store, today!

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